When You Need a Deep Cleaning

Our dentist in Clermont, FL offers two types of dental cleanings, including a regular dental cleaning and a deep cleaning. A regular dental cleaning scrapes all the plaque and tartar from your teeth and just below the gum line. It also removes some types of stains and discoloration. A deep cleaning goes deep below the gum line to thoroughly clean pockets that have developed between the teeth and roots and the gum in order to treat periodontal disease.

Signs You Need a Deep Cleaning

Deep cleanings are recommended for individuals who have periodontal disease, which occurs when pockets form between the teeth and gums. Prior to the pockets forming, you may notice that your gums are red and swollen and bleed when you brush your teeth. You may also have an increase in tooth sensitivity. If you have these signs, it’s a good idea to schedule a dental appointment to have your teeth and gums examined and checked for gingivitis and periodontal disease.

At your appointment, our dentist will visually examine your gums for signs of gum disease and take x-rays in order to see your teeth and gums more clearly. We will also use a probe to measure the depth of the spaces between your teeth and gums. If the space measures 4mm or greater, you have periodontal disease and are in need of a deep cleaning.

Benefits of Deep Cleanings for Periodontal Disease

It’s important to understand that periodontal disease is a progressive disease that cannot be reversed with better at-home oral hygiene. When you floss and brush your teeth properly, you can reach about 3mm below your gum line. When periodontal disease develops, the pockets between the teeth are 4mm or deeper, which means you cannot reach those spaces no matter how well you brush, floss or rinse your teeth. When tartar and bacteria infiltrate deep into the gums, it can lead to severe recession of the gums, bone loss, loose teeth and severe infections, including abscesses. In severe cases, you may even lose teeth.

Deep cleanings with our Clermont dentist can remove all the tartar and bacteria and infection deep below the gums so that they can heal. We can also employ other techniques, like bone grafts, to help restore lost bone and recommend treatments that can help your gums heal and reattach to your teeth. All of these treatments can help reverse your gum disease and restore your oral health.

Understanding the Deep Cleaning Process

When most individuals schedule a teeth cleaning, they envision the regular dental cleaning process. Unfortunately, if we discover that you have pockets deeper than 4mm, you will need a deep cleaning instead of a regular cleaning in order to help reverse your periodontal disease and to clean all the tartar and bacteria from deep below your gum line.

Deep cleanings are also referred to as teeth scaling or root planing. This is because our dental hygienist or our dentist must scrape all the tartar from the roots of your teeth and clean the pockets that have formed to ensure they are free of bacteria and infection. The procedure either involves the use of manual dental cleaning instruments or ultrasonic instruments. In addition to cleaning deep below the gum line, we also clean your teeth and remove stains that can be scraped from your teeth, which means you’ll visually see the same results from your deep cleaning as you would with a normal cleaning.

Deep Cleaning Appointments with Our Clermont Dentist

Our Clermont dentist may recommend deep cleaning your teeth in two appointments, depending on the severity of your dental disease. If we recommend two appointments, half of your mouth will be cleaned at each appointment. We may also recommend putting liquid antibiotics into the pockets of your gums in order to help them heal, and you may need a prescription mouthwash and/or toothpaste to use at home in order to treat the gum disease. After the initial procedures, we may ask that you visit our office every three months for a checkup and additional cleanings to help ensure your periodontal disease is healing.

To schedule your dental appointment to have your teeth and gums cleaned and examined, call us at 352-989-5815.

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