Teeth whitening can dramatically change the color of your teeth and provide a more aesthetically appealing smile. At Hancock Village Dental, we recommend take-home trays. Once you come in for an impression in our office, we'll make you your very own custom trays. These are take-home trays that come with a whitening gel, the gel is then applied for 14 days straight, for 1 hour a day.

Orthodontic Options

Our office offers both clear and traditional bracket braces. While traditional braces are more cost-effective, clear braces allow for a subtler look.

Our office offers both Invisalign and Clear Correct, modern appliance systems that allow patients to have a virtually invisible treatment option for your orthodontic care.

To learn more about the clear options, please visit Clear Correct at www.ClearCorrect.com and Invisalign at Invisalign.com