Untreated Cavities: What Can Happen If They Are Left Untreated?

No one likes to be told that they have a cavity. It can be humiliating to think that you didn’t care for your teeth well enough to prevent these pesky problems from arising. When a person hears the word, they immediately think of pain and the need to get the cavity worked on. But people have busy schedules and can sometimes put these procedures on hold when life gets hectic. But there are serious issues that can happen if you do not take that time to fix a cavity. Here are some things to think about if you’ve left an untreated cavity in your mouth for too long.

Understanding the Root Cause of a Cavity

A cavity takes a long time to form. It can take up to several years before you even realize there is a problem. They usually form because you are not getting all the particles off of your teeth after eating food. So, plaque will set in and if that hardened material is not removed, bacteria creeps in and starts to eat away at your enamel. Once it has destroyed the enamel, it starts to eat through the dentin, and in a few months you have your first cavity. The cavity will begin to cause a lot of pain if you do not get it taken care of right away.

Beyond the Pain of a Cavity

A cavity will never just heal on its own, and the pain will keep getting worse, and can even spread to other parts of your mouth and teeth. But there are some other issues that can happen as well.

  • The cavity will continue to grow. A cavity is like cancer to your teeth. The longer it sits in place, the more damage it can do. Your Clermont dentist will need to remove the cavity before it can spread to your other teeth and to the roots.
  • The cavity can affect the root of the tooth. Once the cavity reaches the root of the tooth, you will need to have a root canal. If the cavity has become too large, the tooth will have to be removed completely from your mouth.
  • Infection is always a guarantee with cavities. Once an infection sets in, it does not take very long before it causes a lot of problems. The infection can spread to your body, which in turn will cause you to be sick until you see your regular medical doctor. They will treat the infection, but your dentist will have to treat the root cause of this pain so it doesn’t occur again.
  • The bacteria from a cavity can get into your blood. When this happens, your overall health can be affected.

Looking at the Symptoms of a Cavity

If you suspect that you have a cavity, you might be sensing some of the following signs:

  • A toothache that appears out of nowhere
  • Sensitivity in your teeth that was not there the day before
  • Pain shows up when you eat or crunch on something hard
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold items in your mouth, sometimes just the temperature of the air can cause you pain
  • Dark spots will appear between or on your teeth

Preventing a Cavity from Visiting Your Teeth

A cavity can be stopped before it ever forms by becoming more diligent about preventative dentistry. By following a few mouth cleaning activities you can keep yourself from a world of pain. Try following these tips to help fight off cavities before they form:

  • Brush your teeth every day, after each meal, and before you go to bed at night
  • Keep your snacking to set meals of the day
  • Use fluoride to help strengthen your teeth
  • Do not forget to ask about the sealant that can help protect your teeth
  • Have regular checkups at your dentist’s office

You do not have to suffer through the agony of living with a cavity. At Clermont Family Dentistry, Hancock Village Dental, we excel at helping keep your teeth from decay. If you are looking for a cleaning or suspect that you have a cavity, then call us today. We can answer all of your questions, schedule you for a checkup, and even take care of that nasty cavity causing you so much pain. We offer many services to help keep your teeth healthy. We look forward to meeting your needs! Reach out to us today to get started on your journey to a cavity-free smile!

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