Are There Risks to Tooth Whitening?

Tooth whitening has quickly become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available today. This safe and effective treatment helps to lighten the natural color of the teeth without removing any of the tooth surface. Many things can cause the discoloration of teeth. Drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, certain medications, or the natural aging process can all change the color of your teeth.

Tooth whitening is considered a relatively safe procedure when performed by a trained professional. However, there are  few risks involved.

The Tooth Whitening Process

In-office tooth whitening is one option for patients who desire a whiter smile. However, many patients feel more comfortable whitening their teeth in the comfort of their own home. At-home teeth whitening trays are an excellent option for patients who want a custom whitening experience without having to sit in the dentist chair for an extended period of time.

Professional at-home teeth whitening kits refer to kits obtained directly from your Clermont dentist. These kits typically contain a high concentration of either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. They also include custom-fitted dental trays that are used to keep the solution against the tooth surface throughout the duration of the treatment. The whitening gel is generally used for up to two weeks for about one hour a day to achieve optimal results.


Teeth whitening can have a positive impact on a person’s confidence and nearly all aspects of their personal life. You may have tried at-home teeth whitening kits before that you purchased over-the-counter. These products found in local drugstores can often produce uneven or unsatisfactory results. Alternatively, professional teeth whitening can offer faster and more reliable results.

Tooth whitening products provided directly by your dentist in Clermont are also safer than what you would find in an over-the-counter kit. Some tooth whitening remedies can irritate or damage the teeth and gums, causing extreme sensitivity that lingers for days or weeks. Dentists carefully craft their at-home tooth whitening kits to provide patients with a safe and effective method of whitening teeth.

Going to a dentist for tooth whitening can also result in a more personalized treatment. Over-the-counter kits are one-size-fits-all. This means you could be using a mouth tray that does not fit your teeth properly. When you invest in a professional tooth whitening kit from your dentist, a custom impression will be made of your teeth. Using the impression, trays will then be constructed that fit your mouth perfectly.


Like all dental procedures, tooth whitening does have certain risks. While non-invasive and virtually painless, professional whitening can pose some concerns. This is due to the use of bleaching agents to whiten the teeth. Certain people should avoid the use of whitening products, such as patients who are sensitive to peroxide or other bleaching chemicals used in teeth whitening treatments.

Sensitivity of the teeth and gums is a common side effect of tooth whitening, especially when high-strength whitening agents are used. This sensitivity typically fades over time once the treatment is complete. Gum irritation can also occur due to the bleaching agents and the pressure from the tray used during treatment. It is also important to be aware that teeth whitening is not a permanent fix for stained or discolored teeth, and how long the results last will depend on many factors, such as your age and lifestyle.

In some cases, teeth whitening can lead to uneven results. This may occur if the teeth are overly stained in one area before bleaching. The areas that are darker take longer to bleach, resulting in unevenness. Another problem that can occur is over bleaching. Some patients may overdo the home bleaching process, causing problems such as pain, sensitivity, and gum irritation. These symptoms can reoccur with new tooth whitening sessions. Bleaching agents can be harsh on the teeth and should never be overused.

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