The Dangers of a Bad Root Canal 

Getting routine dental care is important for your dental wellbeing, as well as your overall health. Many people dread hearing words like cavities, fillings, extractions, and tooth infection at the dentist’s office. However, one of the most dreaded among the average person today is root canals. 

While there are valid reasons to have a root canal done in an attempt to save your weakened or damaged teeth, there are also some risks and complications that are involved if it isn’t properly performed. Here at Hancock Village Dental, we specialize in dental care and are committed to helping all of our patients make wise and informed decisions about their dental care.

What Are the Complications of Root Canals?

While complications can happen for any procedure, it’s especially important to see a skilled dental professional, like Dr. Kasem, to get a root canal done. One of the most common issues people experience after having a bad root canal is when a tooth is severely inflamed. This could be due to infection, bacterial colonies in the tooth pulp, and other situations where the tooth or gums around it are very inflamed or damaged. 

When this occurs, the area can be very painful and often requires additional steps in order to calm down the inflammation, clear out any infection, and ease the pain so the root canal can be carried out. If these steps are not followed or things are rushed, it can cause bacteria and infection to be trapped inside the tooth.

Root Canals and Your Nerves

There are also cases where a blocked root and nerve canal may be present due to inflammation, or simply the way the nerves and tooth roots are formed in the jaw. This can make it difficult to completely treat the affected teeth and complete a full root canal treatment. A blocked canal can be caused by several conditions and can also be made worse by prolonged dental problems that have been left unaddressed for long periods of time. 

Rare Complications With A Root Canal

Another rare complication with a root canal treatment procedure is lodging of small pieces of dental equipment that can break off during the procedure and become wedged in the canal. Often times, this can easily be corrected during the procedure and has little to no lasting effect on the quality or safety of the root canal.

Another complication that sometimes occurs with this procedure is something known as a missed canal. Due to the complex nature of tooth and jaw structures and the delicate layout of the root canal system, an extra canal may not be found during the initial process of assessing the tooth. Unfortunately, this leaves the tooth incompletely sealed and makes is more prone to infection and pain. 

However, advances in dental imaging give dentists a clearer image of the tooth during the initial exams so this complication is becoming less and less common today. But it is something that still happens on occasion and is something that needs to be watched for.

What Are the Symptoms and Signs of Root Canal Failure?

Once a root canal procedure is completed and enough time has passed to allow the tooth to recover from the infection, procedure, and healing process, the tooth should be back to normal function. Indications of failed root canal therapy include sensitivity to cold or hot foods and drinks, swelling, and/or pain from chewing. 

Other warning signs could be tooth discoloration, loosening of the tooth, the tooth cracking or chipping, or excessive swelling in the gums or jaw around the affected tooth. Often times, a minor infection can take hold after a root canal and this can easily be resolved with some antibiotics. The best way to ensure your restorative root canal is successful is to work closely with your dental team and follow all pre and post-treatment dental care instructions! Contact us today to see why we are the leading experts when it comes to Claremont family dentistry!


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