Gummy Vitamins: Helpful or Harmful?  

Gummy vitamins are increasingly popular because they come in a range of flavors, taste just like gummy candy, and are easy to take for all ages. However, they may not be the best choice when it comes to your teeth. This is because gummy vitamins, like gummy candy, often contain sugar, and since they are chewy, the bits can stick to your teeth for extended periods of time.

Why Children and Adults Choose Gummy Vitamins

Gummy vitamins are available in formulations for adults and children. Adults and children both take gummy vitamins for the same reasons. They may not like swallowing pills or may have difficulty swallowing pills. They may not like the taste or texture of traditional chewable vitamins, which often powder upon biting. They may also not like the smell or taste of vitamin pills or capsules, which can often taste bitter and cause an upset stomach if taken without food. For these individuals, gummy vitamins are often the go-to choice, but gummy vitamins may not be the best choice.

Gummy Vitamin Ingredients

Gummy vitamins obviously contain a lot of vital minerals and nutrients, including vitamins, A, C, D, and various B vitamins as well as calcium, folic acid, iodine and biotin. Gummy vitamins may also come is specific formulations to help with sleeping, immune system health, joint health, brain health, heart health and skin, and hair health. However, they also have other ingredients other than vitamins and minerals. Those ingredients are:

  • Gelatin
  • Corn Starch
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Artificial or Natural Food Coloring
  • Artificial or Natural Flavoring

The Benefits of Gummy Vitamins

There are a few benefits to taking gummy vitamins, including that they are better absorbed by the body because they are chewed and are less likely to cause heartburn and upset stomachs. They also contain less of the vitamins and minerals when compared to vitamin supplements in pill form, which means you’re at less of a risk of getting too much of a vitamin.

Why Gummy Vitamins Aren’t the Best Choice

While gummy vitamins can be the right choice for many people, they can be the wrong choice if you are concerned about the health of your teeth and gums. This is because many gummy vitamins contain sugar, which can lead to cavities and deterioration of gum health. Like gummy candy, gummy vitamins are also chewy and sticky. This means that as you chew the vitamins, bits of the vitamin supplement stick to your teeth, and just like candy, those bits can lead to a bacteria explosion and an increase in the acidity of your mouth, which can damage your enamel.

Gummy Vitamin Tips from Our Dentist in Clermont, FL

If you feel like gummy vitamins are the only way you can get all the nutrients you need for your body on a daily basis, our dentist in Clermont, FL recommends treating them just like food or candy. After taking your gummy vitamin for the day, drink a full glass of water, which can help wash away the gummy bits from your teeth. You may also want to take your gummy vitamins after a meal. Since you were already eating, saliva production in your mouth is high, which can help wash away the sticky particles, and the other food particles can prevent as many of the gummy particles from sticking to your teeth.

About 30 minutes after you take your gummy vitamins and meal, brush your teeth thoroughly and rinse with an ADA approved mouthwash. You want to wait 30 minutes because every time you eat a meal or eat something sweet, it causes a bacteria explosion and acid attack. If you brush your teeth too soon, you could accidentally drive the acid and bacteria into your teeth and gums, which could increase your risk for experiencing cavities and gum disease.

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