Demystifying Root Canal Therapy: When and How It’s Done

Once a tooth’s pulp suffers damage, root canal therapy is often recommended to relieve pain and save the natural tooth. Each year, more than 15 million teeth are treated using root canal therapy or endodontic treatment. This commonly performed procedure involves removing the damaged or infected pulp, disinfecting the pulp chamber, and sealing the pulp chamber to prevent bacteria from reentering. Let’s look at how root canal therapy is done and when it should be performed


Steps Involved in Root Canal Therapy


Before root canal treatment can begin, your Clermont dentist or endodontist will perform or revisit X-rays to examine the tooth problem. Next, a local anesthetic is administered to numb the area, and the numbing sensation should take effect within minutes. To protect and isolate the area, a dental dam is secured in the mouth to help keep the tooth being treated dry and clean during the procedure.


A typical root canal takes about 90 minutes to complete. Steps include the following:


1. Create an Access Hole

Once the area is adequately numb, a small access hole is created in the tooth to access the damaged or infected pulp. The pulp is where the tooth’s blood vessels and nerves are located, which is why you experience pain when it becomes infected.

2. Remove the Damaged Pulp

The infected pulp is carefully removed through a clear access hole in the tooth. Ensuring that all of the damaged pulp is fully removed is critical to prevent the further spread of infection.

3. Clean and Disinfect the Tooth

After removing the damaged pulp, the tooth’s interior must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to remove any lingering bacteria. These steps help keep the treated tooth healthy and prepare it for sealing.

4. Fill and Seal the Tooth

The cleaned and disinfected tooth is then filled with gutta-percha, a rubbery material that gives treated teeth a solid interior. This material helps prevent reinfection by creating a seal that removes bacteria and other debris.

5. Place a Dental Crown

The last step in root canal therapy is placing the dental crown. Crowns are generally placed over treated teeth to help restore their functionality, strength, and aesthetics. They can also provide an extra layer of protection.

When Do You Need a Root Canal?


Your dentist in Clermont may recommend a root canal if your tooth shows significant pulpal nerve damage or infection. Bacteria can enter the pulp when a tooth is cracked or has a large cavity, leading to infection, possible bone loss, or tooth loss.

Pupal nerve damage can have many causes, such as physical trauma to the tooth that results in significant nerve tissue damage. For example, getting hit in the mouth with a ball during a sports game can significantly damage a tooth. Irritation to the tooth caused by a deep cavity that reaches the pulp can also result in the need for a root canal.

You may also experience other signs and symptoms that a root canal is needed, such as:

  • Facial or gum tissue swelling
  • Drainage from the tooth
  • Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Tenderness of nearby gums
  • Discoloration or graying of the tooth

It’s important to contact your Clermont family dentistry office whenever you experience persistent mouth or gum swelling or tooth pain. If a damaged or infected tooth is left untreated, your risk of developing an abscess, bone loss, pulp death, or tooth loss drastically increases over time.


Root Canal Therapy: Can It Save Your Natural Teeth?


Most patients who undergo root canal therapy can expect a fully functional tooth following the procedure. Maintaining good oral hygiene and regularly visiting your dentist for checkups can help your treated tooth last just as long as your other natural teeth.

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