3 Things to Know About Bridges

When injury or extensive tooth decay has left you with missing teeth, you may feel distressed or embarrassed. Luckily, there is a dental procedure known as a dental bridge that can restore your smile by fixing any gaps that are caused by missing teeth.

If you are considering getting a dental bridge, these three facts will help you better understand the procedure and help you determine if it is the right restorative dental procedure for you.

Fact #1 – Dental Bridges Do More Than Restore Your Smile

Dental bridges fill in the gaps caused by missing teeth, but they do more than just restore your smile. There are numerous benefits that you can receive by just having a single dental bridge placed in your mouth.

Some of the other benefits, besides restoring your smile, that you will receive when you get a dental bridge include:

  • Giving you the ability to properly chew – when you have missing teeth you are unable to bite and chew properly which can lead to a number of different health problems ranging from malnutrition to indigestion
  • Restoring your ability to speak properly – missing teeth can cause you to experience difficulties with pronouncing certain words or making certain sounds
  • Maintaining the shape of your face – over time missing teeth can cause your face to appear sunken or uneven
  • Prevents future injury to surrounding teeth by properly distributing the force that is created when you bite
  • Keeps any remaining teeth from shifting or drifting – teeth will naturally try to fill in any gaps.

Fact #2 – Dental Bridges are Easy to Maintain

Considering all the work that goes into installing a dental bridge, you may think that they require extra maintenance, but they don’t. Dental bridges are treated just like your natural teeth. You will need to brush the area at least twice a day and floss around the teeth. There is no need to go through any extra cleaning or use special dental tools to clean your gums and dental bridge.

Fact #3 – Several Appointments are Required for a Dental Bridge

Most people assume they can walk into a dentist’s office and walk out with a dental bridge the same day, but that isn’t how it works. There is an entire process you must go through to properly prep the teeth, create the dental bridge, and then install it. That process usually requires at least two dental appointments.

The first appointment you have for a dental bridge focuses on prepping the teeth for this dental procedure. Your dentist will shave or remove a small portion of the enamel of the teeth that surround the gap. The enamel must be removed in order to create enough room for the crown to be placed over the teeth.

After the enamel has been removed, your dentist will take an impression. The impression gives your dentist a model to work with to create a customized dental bridge. Once the dental impression is completed, your dentist will put a temporary bridge in to protect your teeth and the impression will be sent to a dental lab to create a permanent dental bridge for you.

Several weeks later, you will come back for your second dental appointment. During the second appointment, the temporary dental bridge is removed and the permanent bridge will be placed. After it is placed in the mouth, your dentist may make several adjustments to your bridge so it will properly fit. If your dentist feels the bridge fits properly, he or she may permanently cement it into place. If your dentist is unsure of the fit, he or she will use temporary cement and have you wear the bridge for several weeks to see if it fits properly. When temporary cement is used, you will have to come back for another appointment for a bridge adjustment and to have the bridge permanently cemented.

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