Teeth whitening can dramatically change the color of your teeth and provide a more aesthetically appealing smile. At Hancock Village Dental, we have chosen to use the KOR Whitening System, as it is shown to have “predictably exceptional whitening results…every patient, every time.” No lights and no lasers involved. The process includes 2 weeks of at-home trays to prep the teeth for the final 90 minute in-office session. For more information, visit www.KorWhitening.com

Orthodontic Options

Our office offers both clear and traditional bracket braces. While traditional braces are more cost-effective, clear braces allow for a subtler look.

Our office uses the FASTBRACES Technology. Depending on the case, a treatment can be completed in a little over 20 weeks, giving you the smile you always wanted, in just a short amount of time.For more information, please visit www.FastBracesUniversity.com

To learn more about the clear option, please visit Clear Correct at www.ClearCorrect.com